Augusta Worship Center Youth & Young Adult Department (YYAD) values those you care about the most...your children. Our youth program endeavors to mentor these future leaders not only in the ministry but also in academics.  We promote success in all aspects of life. Our primary focus is that our young people grow spiritually, and that they endeavor to provide a positive impact on our communities. 

Our Youth and Young Adult Department is a part of a larger International Youth and Young Adult Department (IYYAD) founded by Dr. Eric Russell and his wife Dr. Christiana Russell. The IYYAD is comprised of all children, youth and young adults' ages 0-30 who become members of our church. For more information on this dynamic department, please visit


Augusta Worship Center youth are singers, musicians, worship leaders, and preachers. Our youth are taught at an early age to love the Lord and to seek Him. We are training the future leaders of the church so that they will be able to spread the gospel and train the next generation of leaders. Our youth services encourage and engage the youth in the work of the ministry. Your child can engage in spiritual growth through youth plays, conferences, and revivals.


Who says you can't be saved and have fun? At Augusta Worship Center, we  have lots of fun! Our youth departments does several fun activities throughout the year whether it is a method of stress relief during exams or a time to unwind during the summer. At Augusta Worship Center, we believe in strengthening the family through fun and fellowship.


One of the focuses of our youth department is encouraging academic achievement. We recognize and award our excellent students and those who excel academically in their core courses. We also offer academic and college prep seminars, study hall sessions, tutoring upon request, and quarterly academic challenges to keep the youth motivated and competitive in this new developing and technological society. Please click here to be directed to our academic page.


  • Min. Kim Agyemang - Youth Director
  • Min. Ashley Stephens - Assistant Youth Director
  • Sis Hannah Pankey - Secretary