New COVID cases in the CSRA are at the lowest levels in over a year with a steady decline from a daily peak of 755 on 1/3/21 to less than 25 on 5/20/21. The most effective measure to stop this deadly virus is vaccination, so we’re asking you to strongly consider this as we serve the community. Our COVID response team recently met to adjust our protocols in accordance with CDC guidance and ensure we protect our most vulnerable.

When attending in-person services:

  • Wear a mask when inside enclosed areas
  • You can remove masks when seated
  • If vaccinated, you can remove your mask when in close contact with others also vaccinated
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often
  • Families are encouraged to sit together

Adhere to the following facility changes:

  • The He-Brews Cafe is open with a max capacity of 5 people
  • The nursery is open for personal use only
  • Musical rehearsals can resume if above protocols are met
  • Auxiliaries can meet and hold events

AWC will continue our safety and health measures:

  • Sanitize the facilities after large gatherings
  • Ushers/greeters will wear masks
  • Temperature checks upon entering for services
  • Application of NanoSeptic surface technology and microphone covers.
  • The following charts illustrate the trend of new COVID cases in our 8-county region:

Thank you in advance for your patience and compliance to this guidance.