Early childhood Christian education is very important to our Augusta Worship Center church family.  If Jesus delays His coming, the accomplishment of our vision to establish a church in every community will rest on our sons and daughters. The primary goal for our Children’s Ministry is to make every possible resource available to assist and prepare them for what lies ahead of them.


Nursery Director

We realize the early stages of life are difficult for little ones to sit and keep silent for long periods of time. The nursery is open to children under 3 years during Sunday Morning Worship and Tuesday Bible Study (as needed). Parents are free to stay in the nursery with your child when it is not staffed.

The nursery provides a changing station, toys for the children and a safe environment for them to adjust to the new surroundings. If you need complete privacy to nurse, please notify an usher and accommodations can be made.

We offer a safe environment where your child can come and interact with other children their age. Background checks are completed on all of our nursery staff. We are concerned about every child’s safety.

We’d be honored and love the privilege to meet your child! If you have any questions about the nursery, please contact us.