He is Risen!

April showers bring May flowers.  It is Spring!  This is a time of renewal, a time of rebirth, a time of new life.  And in Augusta, it would not be Spring without the rising of the flourishing Azaleas at Augusta National’s Masters Golf tournament.

These buds are dormant all winter until the power of the sun, and the change in the weather summon the awakening of the flower’s blooms.  In comparison, almost 2,000 years ago the power of God and the change in the heavens awakened Jesus’ lifeless body and our Savior was risen!  Jesus gained the victory over Sin and Death.  His new life was the end of Satan’s power over my life!  Satan was defeated because Jesus completed His mission and offered His own blood for our eternal redemption (Heb 9:12).  Because He is risen, we can live!

This Easter season consider all that Jesus did to secure your new life.  Now that He is risen, we too must rise.  Rise to salvation, rise to service, rise to preparing for His return.  The work is complete—you just need to believe.

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