Speaking the Truth in Love

By Bishop Jay Johnson / May 22, 2021

How many times have we had a friendship or cherished relationship fall apart right before our eyes? We seemingly knew that there was something we should have said or done differently, but what?  Even when we wanted to act, we felt paralyzed or trapped by our own emotions, hurt or pain. Then the question, “Don’t…

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Happy Mother’s Day

By Elder Ruth Aondona / May 9, 2021

This weekend we celebrate a holiday affectionately known as Mother’s Day. I nostalgically reflect on this occasion growing up in Jackson, MS several years ago. It was and remains one of the opportunities I cherish to give thanks and appreciation to my mother. Although I edify my mother throughout the year, it is honorable to…

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TikTok…or Not?

By Kai Agyemang / April 30, 2021

We as youth live in an era in which you should never be bored. On your phone, there are social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to name just a few of the countless apps available. You can watch nearly anything on TV or on your computer. No doubt…much of us would rather…

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